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High-Orbit SEO Package

Soaring to the Pinnacle of SEO Excellence with Advanced Strategies.

Our High-Orbit SEO Package is tailored for businesses that aim for nothing less than the top. This premium plan is designed to deliver the ultimate search engine visibility and impact.

With a comprehensive range of advanced SEO strategies and techniques, we make sure your business not only reaches but stays in the highest orbit of online success.

Ideal for large enterprises and highly competitive niches, this package is your ticket to unparalleled SEO performance.

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Included in this Flight Plan

SEOJet Onboarding:

Your stepping stone to successful SEO, setting the foundation for all strategies to come.

40 Keywords:

  • Includes 10 keyword Clusters.
  • Each cluster consists of 1 x Primary keyword for both onsite and offsite optimisation and 3 x Secondary semantic keywords for onsite optimisation only.
  • We will then monitor primary and secondary keywords.
  • A concentrated list to make sure we target what really matters to your business.

Keyword Research:

In-depth analysis to identify opportunities and set a course for ranking.

20% Local / 80% National:

A strategy designed to dominate your local market while while pushing for broader visibility.

Competitor JetScore Review:

Exclusive insights into how your competitors rank, giving you the upper hand.

Link Building Pack 3:

Carefully curated backlinks to start building your site's authority.

On-Site Optimisation:

Ensuring your website is search engine-friendly, making it easier to rank.

Technical SEO:

Behind-the-scenes tweaks to improve site speed, security, and other essential factors.

Keyword Monitoring:

Ongoing tracking to ensure our strategies are taking you in the right direction.

Monthly Reports:

Easy-to-read reports to keep you in the loop on your SEO performance.

Blog Optimisation:

Fine-tuning your existing content to perform better in search engines.

2 x Monthly Blog Posts:

Fresh, optimised content to keep your audience engaged and improve SEO.

SEOJet Promise:

Our commitment to quality, performance, and your complete satisfaction.

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